Free West Papua Movement (OPM) Shot Teachers & Burned Helicopter

Kitorangpapuanews.com – Free West Papua Movement (OPM) shot two civilian peoples in Beoga Districts, Puncak, Papua on Thursday 8th April 2021. They were teachers in that districts.  This incident is a big sadness for the educational world, especially in Papua. The victims are Oktavianus and Yonatan. OPM claimed that they are spies from the Indonesian Military or National Police. Indonesian teachers association said that they are not spies; they are really teachers who served in Papua to educate children in Beoga. Indonesian teachers association (PGRI) said that this incident is not also a big sadness but also a big lost for Indonesia. What OPM did, is a criminal act and also has violated human right.

2 Teachers who shot by OPM

Besides that, another incident has happened in Ilaga Airports, Papua.  OPM burned one civilian Helicopter on Sunday 11th April 2021. The Helicopter belongs to PT Ersa Air, and it’s in process of repair. The Chief of Papua Police said that OPM (Free West Papua Movement) wanted to paralyze air transportation in Ilaga because this Airport is the only gate to enter the Districts.  The national Police investigate this incident and corporate with TNI to secure the Ilaga Airport.

The Helicopter burned by OPM

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