Free Papua Movement Shot and Stabbed Civilians !!!

Kitorangpapuanews.com – Free Papua Movement or OPM again, violated human rights in Papua. This time resulted a gunshot wound to a civilian in Sugapa District, Intan Jaya Regency.  The shooting took place on Monday, 8 February 2021. The victim is the owner of a grocery shop in the area, which was on his left cheek during transaction.

According to vivenews.com and detik.com, the perpetrator came to the victim’s shops to sell kerosene, but suddenly he put a gun and shot him. The site stated, ” they are not suspicious at all, because the perpetrator usually comes to his shop and asks for daily needs like sugar, and coffee.” After the shooting incident, the wife’s victim and a neighbor reported the incident to the nearest military post. They escort the victim to the nearest clinic and evacuated to Timika for intensive medical help.

Army Medic and Local Nurse Treated the Shooting Victim


One day after the shooting incident, another human right violation occurred. Cited from papuainside.com, it was Tuesday afternoon, 9 February 2021 when the victim was riding a bike as a motorcycle taxi driver in Ilaga District. “He was attacked and stabbed from the back by OPM’ activist. The victim found dead on the side road entering Kimak Village. National Police and the Armed Forces TNI are now chasing the perpetrator for these two attacks.


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