Kitorangpapuanews.com – Deljati Pamean 28 years old a civilian who own a grocery shop in Yulukomo, Bioga District, Puncak Regency, Papua was attacked by OPM (Free Papua Movement) with a machete (www.okezone.com). According to Okezone.com, the suspect was three people and pretended to buy some foods at her shop.

The attack occurred on Monday, 16 February 2021. The Chief of Police in Puncak Regency said, quoted from Okezone.com, “ suspects came to her shop, pretended to buy some food, and asked her whether her husband at home or not”.

Unfortunately, her husband was in a traditional market, and she answered the question with honesty that her husband in the market. Suddenly, suspects attacked her with a machete.

The Victim treated by Nurses

During the attack, the victim tried to yell, looking for some help from her brother. Her brother, who lives in that house, helped and evacuated her to the nearest clinic for medical help—the victim now in stable condition. The nurse said that she got permission to go home to cure her wound.

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